Cthulhu Dark, Grindhouse Edition


In May I spent some time working on my own version of the Cthulhu Dark rules by Graham Walmsley. I really like these rules, but the one-page format always bothered me (ironically, I know). I had also never done a proper cut’n’paste kinda zine thingy before, so I resolved to catch two birds with one stone.

I typed up the text as first published in Stealing Cthulhu on my cheap-arse typewriter, cut it out, pasted it on a “master” and then proceeded to doodle all over it. I knew I wanted to give out copies to players whenever I get to play it, so I included a character sheet at the back. Graham kindly gave me permission to share the resulting abomination, so here it is for your own pleasure.

How to print this thing

Because I worked on an already imposed master, there is no “consecutive pages” version. The PDF is in A4 format, allowing you to simply print out the document double-sided, fold it, and staple it. I like it better in A6 format, so for my copies I’ve been printing out the document on A5 size pages. It should still print out nicely on Letter (or Half-letter) size paper.

Download the PDF

Cthulhu Dark Grindhouse Edition


It’s wizard time!


I’m quite happy with this dude, although there’s definitely something odd going on with the shadows – I really need to find some time to learn how to do this stuff properly. But then again who cares, IT’S WIZARD TIME!