The Peridot #1 & Wormskin #2


Kusarikku, a commission for David McGrogan‘s upcoming first issue of The Peridot zine (Print here, PDF here). David put together some amazing artists, so I’m really excited to be part of this project!


Some time ago Gavin Norman teamed up with Greg Gorgonmilk to create a setting that I can only describe as Brothers Grimm on acid. The result is a fantastic zine called Wormskin (get yer #1 here), almost entirely illustrated by the incredible Matthew Adams. This is Lord Malbleat, for the upcoming #2!


Sky Ov Crimson Flame


Commission for “Sky Ov Crimson Flame”, an upcoming DCC RPG adventure by Thorin Thompson for Owl Knight Publishing. Look at the amazing cover Stefan Poag put together for this one!

Beyond The Silver Scream


Commission for “Beyond The Silver Scream”, an upcoming DCC RPG adventure zine by Forrest Aguirre set in the 70’s. Pretty epic stuff.

The B/X Rogue


Gavin Norman wrote this awesome thing about rogues in B/X, I made some doodles to go with it, and you can now get it on RPGnow!

P.S.: Print version coming soon available now!

The Undercroft #7


I made the cover of the last issue of the prestigious UK publication The Undercroft, thanks to the truly exquisite patronage of the Malnesonian Arts Council. Read all about it here, I can wait to get my greedy little hands on one of these…