A Letter From Yuggoth, Issue 2


The second issue of A Letter From Yuggoth is finally out! PWYW on RPGNow. Get it free, or chip in on the pizza & beer found.

I’m really enjoying writing this little zine, and I’m curious to see where it’s going. One thing that bugs me is that I’d love to offer this as a print only product, but international posting rates still feel prohibitive for a OPZ. Perhaps I’ll try something with a future issue, just to see how things would work.

This time I couldn’t quite fit everything in one page, and after toying a bit with the idea of doubling up on page count I decided to stick with the original concept. What follow is a paragraph that didn’t make the cut, with suggestions on how to include some of Lovecraft’s iconic personalities in the scenario “The Drifting House” in Issue 2.

Including Pickman, Armitage And Carter

References to Richard Upton Pickman, Henry Armitage and Randolph Carter can be found in the following works by H.P. Lovecraft: “Pickman’s Model”, “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath”, “The Dunwich Horror”, “The Unnamable”, “The Statement of Randolph Carter” and other stories.

The scenario is set in between two key events: the disappearance of Richard Upton Pickman in 1926, and the forbidding of public access to the Miskatonic’s Necronomicon in August 1927 by Henry Armitage (who would then confront and exorcise the “Dunwich Horror” in September 1928). The understanding of the Cthulhu Mythos by Henry Armitage is important because it plays an important role in whether or not the Investigator would be able to freely access the private section of the Miskatonic University collection without alerting its head librarian. Henry Armitage can also be a powerful ally, if the situation requires.

Experienced keepers will find few difficulties in including these three characters in the adventure, if they wish to do so. Armitage is head librarian at Miskatonic University at the time of the events, and the Investigator will probably run into him while looking into Professor Ackerman (cfr. “Professor Ackerman’s Office”). Pickman is already a Ghoul at this point of the story, and could be the one to do the talking in the final scene (cfr. “The Dweller On Hangman’s Hill”). As an interesting twist, the keeper might include references to Pickman himself through the investigation:

  • Professor Ackerman makes references to Pickman’s work in his diary;
  • A painting of Pickman is part of Professor Ackerman’s estate;
  • A correspondence between Ackerman and Pickman is found in Ackerman’s office, it is suddenly interrupted around the time of Pickman’s disappearance;
  • Pickman is one of the Ghouls Ackerman is dealing with, and the one to do the talking in the final scene.

Randolph Carter is also easily connected to Ackerman and his forays into the Dreamworld. He is a powerful ally for the Investigator, as someone who can offer a deeper insight into the lands beyond the veil of sleep, the nature of the Ghouls, and their patron deity Mordiggian. The keeper should feel free to include him in the scenario if the investigation gets stuck.


A Letter From Yuggoth, Issue 1


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